Mission Statement

We are here to produce for and provide our customers with the best tasting, most healthful food possible and to pledge a commitment to social and environmental responsibility. We actively seek our partnerships with local, regional and national producers who are dedicated to stewardship of the land. Huckleberry’s Natural Market is more than just a resource for delicious whole foods and natural products. We promise to create an atmosphere conducive to education and flexible thinking while endeavoring to treat our customers and associates with respect, give honest value for money spent and put back more than we take out of this earth.

Huckleberry's Quality Guidelines

  • All of our chicken is NON GMO.

  • Our beef in the meat department is NON GMO.

  • We feature and prepare foods free from artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors and preservatives.

  • We sell personal care products that have been proven safe through non-animal testing methods.

  • We seek out and support sources for organically grown foods – as many as possible of these sources from our local and regional area.

  • We feature poultry, seafood and meat products that are free from antibiotics, growth hormones, nitrates and other chemicals.

  • We do not sell food that has been irradiated.

  • We will be an informational and educational resource to our community.