Keto Buttercream Frosting


1 cup Grass-Fed Butter

1 1/2 cups Lakanto Powdered Monkfruit Sweetener

2-3 tbsp Dairy Free Milk (coconut, almond, cashew)


1. Add the butter to a mixing bowl or the bowl of a stand mixer and beat for 4-5 minutes until it becomes super fluffy, airy light, pale and doubled in volume.

2. Make sure butter is not too warm/oily; it will not hold its shape!

3. Sift the Lakanto Powdered Sweetener in a medium bowl.

4. In two additions add half the powdered sugar at a time, beating 

2-3 minutes in-between each addition. Slowly increase speed. 

5. Once all of the sugar has been incorporated you will notice it may look a bit stiff and dense; adding the dairy-free milk and beating until the buttercream is more soft & spreadable.

6. At this time you can add Vanilla.

7. Once the buttercream is ready, frost your cakes & cakes!

8. You may place buttercream in an airtight container at room temp for 5-6 Days! Best freshly made!

For the original recipe visit: https://www.lakanto.com/blogs/recipes/perfect-keto-buttercream-frosting

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