Local Vendors

At Huckleberry’s we’ve taken pride in our over 200 local vendor partnerships across the Pacific Northwest since 1996. It has been part of our mission statement to be an active and participating member in helping to sustain our local economy through our many local vendor partnerships. Now over 20 years later, we haven’t stopped! There are too many amazing stories out there to tell here, but we’d like to highlight just a few of the vendors we’ve partnered with over the years.

Check out one of our twice yearly local vendor demo day sales where we invite our local partners to come to the store and speak directly to our customers, while providing samples and answering questions. we hold them traditionally in January and July.


Craven's Coffee - Spokane, WA

Huckleberry’s would like to introduce you to one of our original vendors that has been with us since 1996, Craven’s Coffee! Locally owned, operated and brewed right here in Spokane. Not Only has Huckelberry’s Natural Market been in partnership with Craven’s for 20 years, but Craven’s as a company has been partnered with coffee bean farmers since 1993! Craven’s is certified organic and Fair Trade.

Principles they strive for with each bag, and cup are:

  • Visit coffee in its natural habitat

  • Shake hands with the farmer

  • Roast to perfection

  • Treat every customer with the utmost care and attention.

You can bet you’ll taste the difference - buy in bulk or in a bag at Huckleberry’s today!

4 Seasons Coffee - Spokane, WA

40 years ago 4 Seasons Coffee Co.  pursued the perfect cup of coffee for retail and wholesale customers. They were actually Spokane’s FIRST specialty coffee roaster and coffee house in downtown Spokane! Because of their dedication to small batch roasting, and their mutual respect for local partnerships and community, Huckleberry’s has partnered with 4 Seasons for over 20 years! Together we created a private label brand of coffee for Huckleberry’s, and we are proud to say our ORGANIC coffee is roasted right here in Spokane, by 4 Seasons Coffee Co.

JP's Chicken Farms - Spangle, WA

Huckleberry’s has been dedicated to providing cage free, healthy and happy eggs since the beginning! Whether it’s our own Huckleberry’s Organic egg, born and raised right here in Washington, or the eggs that we buy from our local farmers right here in the Spokane area, we’ve got you covered! Let us introduce to you JP’s Chicken Farm, a local farmer we partnered with in order to bring our customers a local egg at a great price point.  JP’s eggs are pasture raised, fed local grains, hormone and antibiotic free, hand washed eggs with water only, no corn or soy in the feed, and 10% of all proceeds go to help feed people and provide them with clean water, locally and abroad! Learn more on their Facebook page.

Mi Flavour Bakery - Spokane, WA

Meet one of our newest local vendor partners: Mi Flavour Bakery. They are a new company to Spokane, but the husband and wife team behind the magic are Spokane’s very own! Ella is the baking talent behind these delicious and beautiful treats you see here. They are made with clean, local and real ingredients, and she’s become famous for her macaroons-especially the unicorn inspired “Sparkles”, native first to Huckleberry’s! We carry several cakes in our bakery cake case, and we offer several varieties of macaroons daily. Come check it out!

Pure Eire Dairy - Othello, WA

100% grass fed cows, non gmo and certified organic milk and dairy products. We’ve been partnered with the Pure Eire Dairy family since 2009, and we were one of the first retailers in our area to offer it! Since then we’ve grown with Pure Eire Dairy to where we offer milk, yogurt, heavy cream, raw milk, and kefir. Richard and Jill Smith started this dairy back in 2009 and have continued to grow it ever since. They were both farm kids growing up and found a desire to be able to control their milk source from the ground up, while ensuring healthy, happy and quality-fed cows. They minimally process their milk and have always ran a transparent operation. Learn more at their web site.

Bare Culture Kombucha - Coeur d'Alene, ID

From Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, Bare Culture first came to us several years ago wanting to sell us their locally brewed kombucha ON TAP! We were one of the first retailers in Spokane to offer our customers this kombucha, in a self-serve growler stating and ON TAP. Today our partnership is growing strong. We offer rotating flavors weekly and monthly where you can fill up a growler, or a BPA-free recyclable plastic to go cup! The Bare Culture concept began in the Threadgill kitchen after a trip to Hawaii where Heather and Joe tasted some amazing kombucha. Heather decided to try brewing at home, where the process eventually took over their kitchen! In 2013 Heather make the leap and started up her own kombucha brewing store front in midtown Coeur D’Alene.  The rest is history, and currently they experiment with new flavors, recipes, and products so you’ll have to come in to Huck’s and taste often! Learn more about kombucha on their web site.

We love all of our local vendor partners, here are a few more we work with often!

Franz Bakery
Spokane, WA

Coles Fine Foods
Spokane, WA

Deer Field Farms
Sandpoint, Idaho

Fery's Desserts
Spokane, WA

Huckleberry's Brand Water

Starlight Herb Co.
Star, ID

Oregon Country non-GMO Beef
Burns, OR

Great Harvest Bread Co.
Spokane, WA

DOMA Coffee
Post Falls, ID

No-Li Brewery
Spokane, WA

Common Crumb Bakery
Spokane, WA

Elki Corporation
Everett, WA

Glory Bee Honey
Eugene, OR

Larchwood Farms
Bozeman, MT

Seattle, WA

Country Natural Beef

Just American Desserts
Spokane, WA

Maryhill Winery
Goldendale, WA

Roast House Coffee
Spokane, WA

Doma Coffee Roasting Co.
Post Falls, ID

Alpine Bakery
Spokane, WA

Green Bluff Honey
Spokane, WA

Portland Roasting
Portland, OR

Desert Mountain Grass Fed Beef

Thunder's Catch
Sandpoint, ID

Thomas Hammer Coffee
Spokane, WA

Victor's Hummus
Spokane, WA

Thank you to all our vendors!