Vendor Spotlight: Bare Culture Kombucha

From Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, Bare Culture first came to us several years ago wanting to sell us their locally brewed kombucha ON TAP! We were one of the first retailers in Spokane to offer our customers this kombucha, in a self-serve growler stating and ON TAP. Today our partnership is growing strong. We offer rotating flavors weekly and monthly where you can fill up a growler, or a BPA-free recyclable plastic to-go cup! The Bare Culture concept began in the Threadgill kitchen after a trip to Hawaii where Heather and Joe tasted some amazing kombucha. Heather decided to try brewing at home, where the process eventually took over their kitchen! In 2013 Heather make the leap and started up her own kombucha brewing storefront in midtown Coeur D’Alene.  The rest is history, and currently, they experiment with new flavors, recipes, and products so you’ll have to come into Huck’s and taste often! Learn more about kombucha on their web site.

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