Thunders Catch

Thunders Catch was created by Taran and Kara, young Alaska commercial fishermen from Sandpoint, ID who sell their harvest directly via retail, restaurant, wholesale, and on their website. They have been selling to Huckleberries on Monroe and most of the Montana and Idaho Super 1 Foods stores (alongside 40 other grocery locations throughout WA, ID, MT, and CO) for quite some time. 

Their fillets are boneless, bled and beautiful from an all refrigerated fleet of fishermen – unlike every other company out there who does not bleed their fish, or have 100% refrigerated boats. They’re really proud of our exceptional product and consistency in quality, and customers love the story: knowing they’re getting the fish directly from the hands who caught it. They come with attractive black packaging and their own private label. Pickup up Thunders Catch at Huck’s on Monroe today!

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