Juice & Coffee Bar

Whether you need a nutritious, freshly squeezed glass of juice to cool you down, a hot cup of coffee or tea to warm you up, or maybe something in between - our Juice & Coffee Bar is ready to take your order!


9th Street Juice Works

In an age where our air, water and foods are filled with toxins and impurities, it is imperative to replenish our body with natural substances daily. Fresh squeezed juice, for example is an excellent way to do this. We offer the largest selection of fresh squeezed juices in Spokane. Each drink is designed to provide total nutrition and taste great!

Our signature drinks combine a variety of fruits and vegetables to create exciting combinations. We will also make-to-order your own unique combinations. By watching us create your beverage while you wait, you will feel confident with the freshness of the natural ingredients that we are using!

Coffee / Espresso

Oh….the joys of life! The Ninth Street Bistro offers a wide variety of espresso drinks both customary coffee drinks and signature coffee beverages. These have been designed to excite and challenge the coffee connoisseur and novice alike! We use only natural, organic coffee beans roasted in Spokane, by Four Seasons Coffee.

Now serving cold brewed coffee in-house!