Welcome to the Huckleberry’s bakery department! Here you will find locally made, delivered fresh daily, desserts and delicacies from all over Spokane. Our bakery department manager takes pride and care in specifically curating desserts and artisan breads from our own area. For example, Mi Flavour: we were the first in Spokane to partner with this husband & wife team who happen to make some of the most delicious and creative macaroons you’ve ever seen. We’ve got chocolates, brownies, cakes, and more from all over Spokane including Just American Desserts, Fery’s Catering, and Rocket Market.

If bread is what you’re looking for, check out our artisan bread selection produced by Rocket Market, Alpine Bakery, Great Harvest Bread, Common Crumb, 27th Heaven Bakery, Franz Bakery, and Petit Chat. We bring in more all the time so make sure you check us out! We love to support local business because these local bakers bring to Huck’s, years of expertise in baking breads made from scratch. Check out or vegan and gluten free options as well!

Our vendors provide Huckleberry’s with a modern version of an old fashioned, European style pastry shop.

Our delicious bagels are from The Rocket Bakery. We hope you enjoy these products; we are thrilled to bring them to you!

Our specialty gourmet desserts, as we mentioned before, are personally curated by our team at Hucklberry’s, but we’ve been offering Just American Desserts for over a decade. You can find unique cakes such as this custom unicorn cake created just for us, or their famous “happy birthday” personal-cut cakes in our case daily.

The bakery department at our South Monroe store curates from Spokane because we love to offer you the best desserts, breads, and chocolates Spokane has to offer!

Huckleberry’s is local to Spokane since 1996 and we’ve since branched out and have Huckleberry’s departments inside Rosauers Supermarkets in all 4 states of the Pacific Northwest. We value and take seriously supporting locally made products and companies that are not only from Spokane, but from the entire Pacific Northwest. Because of this you can find amazing products from all over our beautiful geography within Huckleberry’s


Betty, Huckleberry’s own Bakery/Cheese Specialist, has been with us since 2015. During that time, Betty has worked in the Bistro as a lead and is now the Bakery/Cheese extraordinaire. Betty came to Huck’s with previous bakery knowledge having worked in the bakery business for over 8 years. While here, Betty has become knowledgeable about specific dietary needs in regards to the bakery. Her cheese knowledge is great-she can give anyone a lesson in cheese! Betty says she chose to come to Huckleberry’s because it seemed like a fun and exciting atmosphere and everyone seemed so friendly. In her spare time, Betty feeds the homeless and loves spending time with her grandkids.