Our cheese selection is an area of over 350 different varieties of cheeses from around the world. Our staff is excellently trained and is very knowledgeable about all of our cheeses to better assist you in exploring the fascinating world of gourmet cheese. Many of our cheeses will be hand-cut from wheels and bricks by our Huckleberry’s cheese specialists. Not only can you travel the world vicariously through our extensive and delicious gourmet cheese selection, but you can also find a vast assortment of alternative cheeses such as goat, lactose free, or made with vegetable rennet. Don’t forget about the assortment of organic and LOCALLY made cheeses!

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Betty, Huckleberry’s own Bakery/Cheese Specialist, has been with us since 2015. During that time, Betty has worked in the Bistro as a lead and is now the Bakery/Cheese extraordinaire. Betty came to Huck’s with previous bakery knowledge having worked in the bakery business for over 8 years. While here, Betty has become knowledgeable about specific dietary needs in regards to the bakery. Her cheese knowledge is great-she can give anyone a lesson in cheese! Betty says she chose to come to Huckleberry’s because it seemed like a fun and exciting atmosphere and everyone seemed so friendly. In her spare time, Betty feeds the homeless and loves spending time with her grandkids.