Meat Department

The Huckleberry’s Meat Department is committed to bringing a fresh alternative to the conventional meat selection available to Spokane area customers.

Our staff has traveled the entire nation to find the highest quality and best variety of natural meats available.

We are confident that our suppliers are devoted to care and nurturing not only of their livestock but also the earth and grasslands on which they ranch. Their animals are raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics.

We have also spent a great deal of energy finding the most efficient forms of transportation in order to bring these items to our area as quickly as possible to ensure their freshness and quality.


Oregon Country Non GMO Beef
In 1976, ranchers Doc and Connie Hatfield knew there had to be a better way to deliver the naturally raised beef products that consumers wanted, and a better way for ranchers to remain economically and environmentally sustainable.

In 1986, they began working with a group of their ranching neighbors to produce naturally raised beef for the marketplace. The group agreed to form the consumer driven beef marketing cooperative — Oregon Country Beef, which originally was comprised of 14 ranching families.

Oregon Country Beef is Non-GMO Project Verified.  To achieve this verification each cooperative rancher providing Oregon Country beef is required to follow rigorous standards to feed cattle consistent to the standards of the Non-GMO Project.  Each stage in the beef production including finishing facilities and packing plants are also required to comply with the standard.  we are very proud to present our customers with a product with this high standard. Learn more about the ranchers and the company on their website.


Desert Mountain Grass Fed Beef

Wilsey Ranch is a family owned and operated ranch for over 30 years in Idaho, by fourth generation ranchers. Located in the Northern End of the Owyhee Mountains; they are one of the ranch families that provide beef to the Desert Mountain Grass-fed Beef co-op.

They have a strong belief that in order to produce an environmentally friendly, ethical product that it must start with healthy soil. In 2011 Ed and Debby were recognized for the many water projects, no till planting and pasture rotation as Owyhee Conservationist of the Year. Their cattle, a Devon and Simmental cross are bred to Akaushi bulls for a tender quality product. The cattle are bred to thrive on the desert soil, run on intensively managed range land in the Owyhee Mountains, feeding on a unique mix of grass and forbs. They supplement the cows with ranch-raised hay in the winter months, and they are finished on irrigated meadows in the summer. They are given no hormones, antibiotics, animal byproducts, or genetically modified feeds; the animals are handled humanely and with respect while providing them with a minimally stress free life.


Snake River Farms and Double R Ranch are part of Agri Beef Co., a family owned and operated business dedicated to producing the highest quality beef and pork in the United States. Founded in 1968 by Robert Rebholtz, Sr., Agri Beef started as a ranching and feeding operation and grown to incorporate every step of the beef lifecycle which includes ranching, cattle feeding, animal nutrition, beef processing, marketing and sales. This comprehensive approach ensures that the products that arrive at our store and on to your table, are the best available. Visit their website to learn more.


Mary’s Free-Range Chickens are produced by Pitman Farms, a family owned business that has been raising poultry for three generations. Mary’s Free Range Chickens grow naturally with plenty of open space on a ranch in sunny California. These chickens are raised in a humane manner by allowing them to roam in a stress-free environment that is four times the size of the average commercial ranch. Because of cleaner living quarters, a healthier and happier chicken is produced having a better taste.


Huckleberry’s Service Meat Department also offers a seafood selection that is unsurpassed in this market for variety, quality and freshness.

In addition to these lines, we are constantly looking for other suppliers who can provide us with the freshest, highest quality, natural meats available in the country.

Know Your Fisherman


Taran White & Kara Berlin of Thunder’s Catch Seafood are from Sandpoint, Idaho and when it comes to fishing they didn’t just come off the boat. Their family has sustainably fished for wild sockeye salmon in the abundant waters of Alaska since 1975. While fishing may be their livelihood, sharing it with you is their passion.

Thunder’s Catch’s fish have been hand selected from their boat (the Thunder) for your enjoyment. May your taste buds rejoice, your hearts be healthy, and every occasion be a special one when you take home your own catch-of-the-day…Thunder’s Catch. Bon Appétit!

Our Meat Department is entirely full service. It is staffed by knowledgable, customer service oriented professionals. This staff is able to provide our customers with the cut and size of product they desire. Our patrons never have to deal with a prepackaged item that is not exactly what they need and the minimization of packaging is environmentally friendly.

Meat Department Specialist


Drew’s Back! Spokane’s favorite wine authority for 16+ years is back and at the helm of Spokane Wine Company. A passionate foodie, when Drew isn’t at Huckleberry’s, you’ll find him cooking and dreaming up exciting, insightful wine and food pairings. Regardless of the occasion or your preferences, Drew will have the right recommendation to ensure your next soiree is a hit. Come meet Drew today, at Huckleberry’s Natural Market.